IQ Option Binary Options

IQ Option Guide - Binary options are an innovative approach to financial investments that can create high returns in a short period of time. Learn more about the IQ Option binary options now!

How to trade the IQ Option Binary Options
Have you ever tried trading stocks? It can be a boring endeavor that yields almost no returns. Even if you hold a stock for years, you might end up losing money or making only a 5-percent profit. While this type of investing might be a good fit for conservative investors that prefer boring investments, there are many of us out there who prefer quicker, more exciting investment types with more potential.

Up to now, those traders had to invest in complicated leveraged assets such as knock out options. Understanding these types of assets is complicated and becoming a successful trader with them is a long and, due to the assets inherent complexity, unnecessarily complex process.

Binary options offers these traders an easier alternative to make quick investments. While binary options essentially work just like these complicated assets, they simplify the trading process in such a fundamental way that you no longer need a PhD to understand it. Even a 5-year old could understand the basic principle of binary options.

With IQ Option binary options, you do not buy a stock or any other asset. You invest in a prediction about whether an asset’s price will rise or fall over a given period of time. This makes investing a whole lot easier: All you have to say is high or low, and wait if your prediction turns out to be correct.
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Start earning money today with just a $10 deposit with IQ Option!

Many traders have recently started to invest in binary options with IQ Option. If you predict the direction of an asset’s price correctly, IQ Option will offer you a payout of up to 90 percent, with the average payout being somewhere around 80 to 85 percent.

With such high payouts, you only need to win around 60 percent of your trades to make money with IQ Option. Since you would win 50 percent of your trades by randomly guessing whether the market will rise or fall, a little knowledge and experience should help you to earn the additional 10 percent.

You can gain this knowledge by studying technical analysis through websites such as this one. Additionally, IQ Option offers its customers an education center that introduces them to the basics of their trading platform and binary options in general. To access all of these videos you have to be a member of IQ Option.

We wish you a lot of success on your way to becoming a profitable binary options trader. With IQ Option, you have found a good, trustworthy partner.

Is IQ Option as a scam?

With the growing popularity of binary options, more and more newcomers enter the trading scene. Of course, these newcomers want to avoid being scammed. Find out if there is an  IQ Option scam in this article.

Is IQ Option as a scam? In our scam inspection, we will analyze every aspect of the broker and tell you whether you can trust IQ Option.

In detail, we will take a look at these aspects of IQ Option’s service:

    Trustworthiness: Can you trust IQ Option?
    Security: Is your money safe with IQ Option?
    Profitability: Can you make money with IQ Option?

Once we have tested all of these aspects of the IQ Option service, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether or not you can trust IQ Option.

IQ Option scam: Can you trust IQ Option?
Trade with IQ Option now
Start earning money today with just a $10 deposit with IQ Option!

The first concern of newcomers to the binary options scene is the same concern as with anybody who is signing up with an online financial service: can I trust the service? Are they offering an honest business or are they trying to scam me out of my money? Luckily, IQ Option has answered these concerns convincingly.

This answer is government regulation. IQ Option is regulated by the European Union, which means that IQ Option has to abide by the same strict rules that all big European banks abide by. For you, this has two advantages:
You can be absolutely sure that IQ Option offers a legitimate, legal business. The European Union monitors every aspect of IQ Option’s and makes sure that there are no illegal activities going on. No traders will be scammed out of their money, there will be no false promises, and if you should ever have a problem with IQ Option, you can rely on the European legal system to help you out.
You get additional benefits that no legitimate but unregulated broker offers. While there are many trustworthy brokers without government regulation, these brokers deny you a few key features that IQ Option offers because of its regulation. Most significantly, IQ Option always keeps enough money in a separate account to be able to buy out all of its traders in case the broker has to file for bankruptcy. Unregulated brokers do not have to do this, which is why all your money could be gone if the broker goes bankrupt.

Combined, these two advantages not only guarantee you that IQ Option is not a scam, but they also guarantee you a plus in security that even other legitimate but non-regulated brokers are unable to offer.

In short: IQ Option has passed this part of the test with flying colors.

Verdict: No scam.

When it comes to security, IQ Option has left nothing to chance. In detail, IQ Option provides these security features:
SSL encryption for all transmissions: The most vulnerable aspect of any online business is the communication between you and the broker. When you send your password, a hacker could intercept the password and steal your money. IQ Option prevents such attempts by encoding all communication with the SSL protocol, the safest thing the web has to offer. SSL encryption is impossible to hack, which means that your money is completely safe with IQ Option.
Thorough validation process for new withdrawals: Even if someone should learn your password, for example by stealing the piece of paper on which you wrote it down, your money is completely safe. IQ Option allows only withdrawals to accounts that you have used before. For every new withdrawal method, the person making the request has to provide pictures of your ID and proof of residence. Since only you have these documents, nobody but you can withdraw money from your account.
Withdrawals to accounts in your name only: As a final security feature, IQ Option allows withdrawals to accounts in your name only. This means that nobody can steal your money by withdrawing money from your account, which guarantees you complete safety.

Verdict: No scam.
IQ Option scam: Can you make money with IQ Option?
Many newcomers fear to sign up with a broker where they can only lose money. Luckily, IQ Option makes earning money easier than most other brokers.

In the past, IQ Option has offered average payouts of 85 percent. These payouts are significantly higher than what most other brokers offer, which usually lie around the 70 percent range. With such high payouts, you are in the best position to make money of all brokers. Consequently, IQ Option can’t possibly be considered a scam.

Verdict: No scam.

IQ Option has passed every aspect of our test. They are no scam.

Final verdict: No scam.

IQ Option Tips and Tricks

IQ Option is currently one of the most popular binary options brokers in the world. They have been present on the international market for approximately three years now and thanks to their clear and extremely trader-friendly business policy, the number of people who trade with them on regular basis grows constantly, even today.

If you want to join them, we have some IQ Option tips and tricks to help you trade more successfully. We’ll go through this broker’s basic features, so you know exactly what to expect and what to look out for.

Our experts have plenty of experience trading here, so sit back, relax and read on.

IQ Option Tips and Tricks | Platform
IQ Option launched its new IQ Option Trading Platform 4.0 in December of 2015, and this is currently the most technologically advanced platform in the industry. Completely new trading software offers numerous tools and charts, so you will have plenty of ways to analyze the situation on the market.

You can also fully customize your UI in such a way that you can easily follow up to nine assets on one screen at the same time. There are also historical quotes from up to two years ago at your disposal, so you can analyze trends over some really long periods of time. A

s you can see, this platform has plenty to offer, but that also means that you will have to invest some time learning everything there is to know about it. However, it will be worth it, trust us on that. Mastering this platform means that you will know exactly how to analyze an asset and extract all vital information from its trends.

More IQ Option tips and tricks are to come, so stay with us.


IQ Option Tips and Tricks | IQ Option Minimum Withdrawal
All traders want to know they will get their hard earned money without any problems when they want to make a withdrawal and IQ Option makes sure no problems ever arise during this important process. IQ Option Minimum Withdrawal requirement is set to only $10, giving traders unprecedented flexibility in choosing their trading strategy. The broker will not charge you any fees to withdraw your money, so what you have in your trading account is exactly what you get, as far as IQ Option is concerned. This means that you never have to worry about your account balance getting so low that you won’t be able to withdraw large sums of money, something that can be a problem if a broker has a $100 withdrawal requirement or more, for example. One of the most important IQ Options tips and tricks we can show you is that you can use this low requirement to your advantage and explore as much as you can for next to nothing. That way you’ll know exactly what your trading strengths are. The next thing we’ll discuss in this article will help you even more with that.

IQ Option Tips and Tricks | IQ Option Minimum Deposit
Just how dedicated this broker is to its clients can also be seen from the minimum deposit requirement which is also set to only $10. There are several different ways to complete this process, including credit cards, wire bank transfers, as well as and several e-wallet services (WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller). These same methods are also available for making a withdrawal and they are all very safe. As can be seen from our IQ Option Scam Test 2016, this broker operates in full accordance with all relevant laws and regulations, is regulated by CySEC and takes excellent care of the clients’ personal and financial data. With this minimum deposit requirement, you can start out slowly if you want and build your way towards larger investments. But we’re not done yet, plenty more of IQ Option tips and tricks to discuss, so don’t go away.

IQ Option Tips and Tricks | Demo Account

When you want to test a new strategy, see how well you learned something regarding binary options trading or when you simply want to get used to a new trading environment, opening a demo account is the best move you can make. IQ Option offers one too and opening it is among the most important IQ Option tips and tricks for increasing your efficiency and chances for success. You see, IQ Option Demo Account is absolutely free and doesn’t require any deposit of funds to activate it! You just register on the broker’s website and you’re all set to start trading. Not even contacting somebody from the staff is required. This feature can therefore only help you because what you get with it is a way to sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge without needing to invest any money. In the long run, having a demo account will help you greatly to achieve profit.

IQ Option Tips and Tricks | IQ Option Minimum Trade
One more thing we have to mention before we wrap up these IQ Option tips and tricks is the minimum trade requirement. This is one of the main reasons why this broker has become so successful because you can start your trades with a single dollar on this platform. That’s right, even with a minimum deposit, you can still open ten different trades and have plenty of opportunities to achieve profit. So examine the offer thoroughly and find something that really interests you – you will be able to open a trade with that asset easily. As you can see, flexibility resulting from low financial requirements is IQ Option’s greatest strength. It’s up to you to make the most of it.

IQ Option Tips and Tricks | Conclusion
Because of the huge number of possibilities this broker offers, IQ Option tips and tricks are very numerous and we have only covered the most basic ones here. You will surely discover more of them as you grow more experienced. However, don’t ever forget about the ones discussed in this article because they will always increase your chances for profit, no matter which way of trading you choose. In the long run, it will pay off to open a demo account, for example, or to invest time into learning everything this platform has to offer. So open an account with this great broker, follow our simple principles and you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful trader.


IQ Option Test

Do you consider trading binary options with IQ Options? That might be a great idea. Learn more now in this IQ Option test.

The essential IQ Option test
For someone who is looking for a binary options broker, the endless options offered by the current market situation can be confusing. To make things a little easier for you, we have tested IQ Options and defined the 3 most important facts that you need to know.

The most important aspect of any online transaction including money is security. Binary options brokers need to provide security in two crucial ways:
Your broker needs to make sure that your communication with the broker is safe – nobody must be able to intercept your password, your financial information, or any other aspect of your communication with the broker.
Your broker must make sure that nobody can withdraw money from your account, even if they somehow obtain your password.

IQ Option provides first-class security on both of these aspects. To secure your communication with IQ Option, the broker uses the SSL security standard that encrypts your data in the securest way possible. The SSL standard is the same standard that all the big banks use to secure their online banking.

To make sure that only you can withdraw money from your account, IQ Option uses a validation process that keeps your money safe. For every new withdrawal method that somebody wants to use with your account, they need to provide 3 documents: A picture of your ID, your proof of residence, and (if the withdrawal is by credit card) a picture of the credit card. Since only you can provide all of these documents, only you can add a new withdrawal method to your account.
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Start earning money today with just a $10 deposit with IQ Option!
Earning potential
The second most important aspect of a broker is its earning potential. To start a successful trading career, you need a broker that allows you to earn a steady income.

When it comes to the earning potential, IQ Option is right up there with the best brokers. With high payouts of up to 90 percent and average payouts of about 80 percent, you only need to win 55 percent of your trades to make money. Since you would win 50 percent of your trades by betting randomly, you should be able to reach the 55 percent mark with some knowledge of technical analysis.

When you have found a secure broker that you can earn money with, you want a broker that offers an easy to use service. IQ Option does exactly that, offering an intuitive trading platform and simply, quick banking.

IQ Option Validation

Do you want a broker that keeps your money safe? Then you should learn about the IQ Option validation process now! We explain everything.
How to complete the IQ Option validation

The worst thing that could happen to any binary options trader is that someone steals money from their account. This scenario is far from unlikely. All you have to do is lose the paper you have written your password down on or lose your mobile phone while you are still signed into your account. Suddenly, someone can access your account and – in theory – withdraw all the money they want.
Trade with IQ Option now
Start earning money today with just a $10 deposit with IQ Option!

As a trustworthy partner, IQ Option helps you to prevent this horror scenario. Even if someone else obtains the login information into your account, they can’t withdraw money because IQ Option uses a thorough validation process for every new withdrawal method someone wants to use from your account.

This means, someone who obtains your account information, could only withdraw money by using an existing withdrawal method. They could use your already existing credit card or bank account information, but they could not withdraw money to a new bank account or a new credit card. This system effectively eliminates the possibility that someone could steal money from your account.

If you want to use a new payment method, you only need to complete the verification process once for each payment method. To complete the verification process, you need to provide the IQ Option customer service with these documents:

    A clear picture of a valid, government issued ID with your name and picture on it. This can be your driver’s license, your passport, or any other ID, as long as it is issued by your government.

    A picture of a proof of residence. This can be anything that proves that you actually live where you are registered with IQ Option and are not some other person with the same name. Most people use a utility bill for water or gas, or a document that is validated by a notary.

    If you want to withdraw money by credit card, a picture of the credit card, back and front, with the middle eight numbers of the credit card number blacked out. This helps to prevent money laundering and makes sure that money is paid to a credit card you actually own.

Simply email these pictures to IQ Option’s support, and they will activate your new payment method for you. Since nobody but you can provide all these documents, your money with IQ Option is absolutey theft-proof.

IQ Option Triks

Do you want to make money the easy way? Then apply these IQ Option tricks to your strategy and you are on your way.

IQ Option is one of the most unique binary options brokers in the market. This uniqueness allows you to apply tricks that can improve the results of your strategy tremendously. This article will detail these tricks and help you make more money with some easy changes.
Trade with IQ Option now
Start earning money today with just a $10 deposit with IQ Option!

In detail, we will look at these tricks for your IQ Option strategy:

    The deposit-and-withdraw trick,
    The demo account trick,
    The EUR/USD trick,
    The recommendation trick, and
    The risk-free trading trick.

With these IQ Option tricks, you will be able to maximize your profits and minimize your risk to zero.

The best IQ Option tricks for your strategy
Our IQ Option tricks cover a wide range of topics. Some of these tricks are absolute no-brainers that you should use at every chance you get; some are a little more complicated, and it might be enough for you to use them once, probably at the start of your trading career.

Let’s look at each trick individually, and you will soon understand the best way to use them.

IQ Option tricks 1: The deposit-and-withdraw trick
There is one major difference between IQ Option and other binary options broker: while almost all brokers offer a deposit bonus that adds extra money to your deposit, most brokers only pay this bonus on your first deposit. IQ Option, however, pays the bonus on every deposit you make. If you play your cards right, this difference can make you a lot of money without having to be a good binary options trader.

To understand the system of this trick, let us start at the beginning. When you deposit money into your account, most brokers offer you a bonus on your first deposit. If you deposit $500 into your account, your broker might offer you a bonus of 20 percent, which would be $100. Therefore, you would end up with a deposit bonus of $100 and a final account balance of $600.

The problem with most brokers is that they only pay this bonus on your first deposit. You first deposit, though, will most likely be the smallest deposit you make in your trading career. You might just want to try the broker out for a few weeks and only deposit the minimum requirement, or you might just be starting your trading career and have little money to invest.

Whatever the reason might be, receiving a bonus on a $200 investment is much less attractive than receiving the same bonus on a $2,000 investment. Unfortunately, when you get to the point where you can deposit $2,000, most brokers will no longer pay you a deposit bonus.

With IQ Option, however, things are different. IQ Option offers a bonus of up to 100 percent on every deposit you make. Even with the lowest account type, the deposit bonus can still be as high as 80 percent. With such high bonuses, you do not need to be a great binary options trader; you can make money by simply earning the bonus.

To pull this strategy off, deposit money with IQ Option and receive the bonus. You can’t withdraw the bonus immediately after you have received it. If IQ Option allowed that, they would be broke within a day. Bill Gates simply would deposit all his money with IQ Option and withdraw it immediately. To avoid such tricks, you need to invest your money a few times.

The great thing about binary options is that you will win 50 percent of your trades if you invest randomly. When we assume an average payout of 80 percent, you only need to win 55 percent of your trades to break even. Even an average trader can make up the missing five percent to reach this winning percentage.

To be allowed to withdraw your bonus, you only need to break even. Because of the bonus, you will still have made a nice profit. Therefore invest your money with a secure strategy, and you will be fine.

That is all you need to do: Invest your money, receive the bonus, break even on a few trades, and withdraw the money. Now repeat the process. Is there an easier way to make money?
Trade with IQ Option now
Start earning money today with just a $10 deposit with IQ Option!

IQ Option tricks 2: The demo account trick
What would you say if there were a way for you to perfect your trading in a risk-free environment before you risk real money? A way that would allow you to develop a winning strategy and only invest money in it when you that it will create a profit. With IQ Option, there is such a way.

This way is the IQ Option demo. The IQ Option demo allows you to test every aspect of the IQ Option service with play money instead of real money. Aside from this one change, you get exactly the same trading account as a real-money trader and exactly the same tools, binary options types, and assets. With this system, IQ Option puts you in the perfect position to develop a winning strategy without having to risk a single Cent.

The trick is to start your trading career with a demo account. You then trade as long with this demo as necessary until you can guarantee that you will make money by the end of the month. Once you can guarantee this, you switch to real money trading and get rich. The IQ Option demo is the cheat code that makes you invincible.

The best thing about the IQ Option demo is that you can get it as easily as you would get a game on your mobile phone. Follow one of our links to the IQ Option website, log in with your Facebook account, your Google account, or your email address, and you can start trading. The entire process only takes a second. Other brokers require you to deposit money with them before they allow you to test their service, but IQ Option makes things a lot easier for you. IQ Option even offers an app that allows you to trade from your phone.

With this trick, you can avoid the initial losses that starting with real money will create. If you develop your strategy and find your preferred trading style while investing hard cash, you will run into a few dead ends and make a few rookie mistakes that will cost you a lot. With the IQ Option demo, you can avoid these losses and save yourself a lot of money. This is one of the best IQ Option tricks that you can know with binary options.

IQ Option tricks 3: The EUR/USD trick
Like any other broker, IQ Option offers a large selection of assets from all over the world and all categories. Not all assets, however, are born equal. There is one asset that stands out and can help you make more money.

This asset is the EUR/USD currency pair. This pair allows you to invest in the Euro in relation to the U.S. Dollar, and it offers the highest payouts of all of IQ Option’s assets.

The reason for this connection is that the EUR/USD is IQ Option’s flagship asset. When IQ Option advertises its highest average payout, they always use the EUR/USD. Consequently, IQ Option has to keep the payouts for the EUR/USD as high as possible, a need they do not have for any other type of asset.

In the past, this process has caused the average payout for the EUR/USD to reach 85 percent, which is an insanely high value. With most brokers, you could be happy to get an average payout of 70 percent to 75 percent, and getting 10 to 15 percent more on every winning trade is a huge deal. It will take you only 50 winning trades to increase your profits by 11,739 percent of your original investment, which, if you started with an original investment of $10, would result in an extra profit of $1,173.90.

Now, the important thing to understand is that all of IQ Option’s assets generally provide high payouts. It is the EUR/USD, however, that consistently creates the highest payouts. If you are close to making a profit but can’t quite get there with your current assets, try to focus on the EUR/USD, and you might be able to improve your trading by the few percent that you need.

IQ Option tricks 4:  Become affiliate partner
Let’s be realistic here: Since IQ Option offers you the best product in the market with low minimum deposit and a 1.000 USD free demo account, you will probably recommend IQ Option. If you play your cards right, this recommendation can pay you a lot of money at no cost to you.

IQ Option offers an affiliate service. With this service, you get money for every customer you deliver to IQ Option. This process does not make things more expensive for the customer you deliver; you simply get a cut out of IQ Option’s profit. This is a good way to earn a commission at no risk for you. And IQ Option will be happy if you deliver new customers to their business..

Read more about about:  IQ Option affiliate

IQ Option Tricks 5: Build a successful robot
IQ Option is the only broker in the market we know of who offers you are unique opportunity to build your own binary options robot. You might know that in todays world some market crashes have been created by robots. Simply because robots can create thousands of deals in seconds compared to humans. Humans can only create a few deals every minute.

If you can create a strong robot you get a chance to literally let your strategy being handled by a robot. The robot is doing what you tell it to do so you can be sure it is your decisions that is behind. This is contrary to some of the binary options robots in the market where it is the robots developers who decide how the robot should act.

If you like creating robots in IQ Option can be done both for the purpose of earning money or for the purpose of entertainment. If you choose to let it be entertainment remember to now put more money into it than what you feel the entertainment is worth to you.

Trading with IQ Option is a highly rewarding experience in itself. With a few IQ Option tricks, you can make your trading even more profitable and even more secure.

Some of the IQ Option tricks on this list should be an essential tool for every trader.

    Starting out with a demo account is a no-brainer. You can develop your strategy and your skills in a risk-free environment until you know that you can trade successfully and that you will make a profit with real-money trading. Who would refuse this option?
    Focusing on the EUR/USD currency pair can help you maximize your profits without any downside, which is why this trick should be a fixed point in your trading strategy, too.
    Monetizing your network and opportunities to help IQ Option finding new customers is also possible.
    Building robots is also an unique feature of IQ Option.

The other IQ Option tricks on our list require a little more work. We recommend you use them nonetheless. They can multiply your profits and cut your risk to zero.

Equipped with these tricks, you have all the tools you need to create a successful strategy for IQ Option. Have fun and enjoy!
Trade with IQ Option now
Start earning money today with just a $10 deposit with IQ Option!

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IQ Option Withdrawal

Do you want a broker that offers easy and secure withdrawal options? Then you should give the IQ Option withdrawal process a try. Learn more now!
How to make an IQ Option withdrawal

When it comes to withdrawals, the good binary options separate themselves from the bad. Since withdrawals are the last thing on the mind of a new broker, some brokers apply insane fees or make your life difficult in some other way. Luckily, the IQ Option withdrawal process proofs itself to be one of the best in the business.
Trade with IQ Option now
Start earning money today with just a $10 deposit with IQ Option!

To make an IQ Option withdrawal, you have two basic options:

    Credit card / debit card withdrawal
    Wire transfer

Since both withdrawal options’ features are fundamentally different, let us take a closer look at each option.

All IQ Option withdrawals will be processed within 3 business days. Depending on your withdrawal method, you have to add the methods withdrawal time to calculate your overall withdrawal time.
Credit card / debit card withdrawal

Credit card or debit card withdrawals are the most popular withdrawal method. They are free, quick, and easy, and they are the natural payment method for many traders who use credit cards to pay and receive money every day.

Deposits via credit card will take 3 days to process by IQ Option and two days to process by your credit card provider. Overall, a processing time of 5 business days is the quickest you can get with binary options.
Wire transfer withdrawals

Compared to credit card withdrawals, wire transfer withdrawals have a number of disadvantages that make them the less perfect withdrawal method:

1) Wire transfer withdrawals take longer than credit card withdrawals. While wire transfers will also be processed within 3 business days by IQ Option, they take much longer to reach your bank account than withdrawals by credit card. Instead of an overall processing time of 5 days, wire transfers can take up to 10 business days, depending on the customs of your country and your bank.

2) Wire transfers are not free: There is a fee by IQ Option on every wire transfer withdrawal that you make. Since you will be making a lot of withdrawals over the course of your trading career, this is the main reason why you should try to stay away from wire transfer withdrawals.

With this lopsided list of features, you might ask yourself why some people use wire transfer withdrawals at all. The answer to this lies in an anti-money-laundering law: You are only allowed to withdraw as much money with a credit card as you deposited with it. Since some people deposit money by wire transfer, they also have to withdraw by wire transfer.

IQ Option USA

One of the most dominant brokers in the world of binary options, IQ Option was established back in 2013 and its creators knew exactly how to take the market by storm. They were aware of the number of potential traders who were out there, but didn’t want to or simply couldn’t make deposits worth hundreds of dollars. IQ Option offered these people a way to access the market for only $10 and an opportunity to trade by investing a single dollar. The broker’s popularity was almost instant, not just in Europe, but all over the world. A huge number of people wanted to try this new way of trading, and the broker knew how to make it possible. Read our IQ Option USA article to find out how!

IQ Option USA | Offer?
However, these low financial requirements are not the only thing worth mentioning when talking about IQ Option’s offer. Had they neglected its other important aspects, surely they wouldn’t have this many traders as they do today. The company has been constantly investing in new technologies, and the culmination of their efforts was the launch of their new IQ Option Trading Platform 4.0 in December 2015. Apart from that, traders can also enjoy some great support, thanks to a very competent group of people who are always there to help you. Furthermore, you can also get a free demo account and a bunch of other useful features designed to make your trading much easier. Unfortunately, IQ Option USA is not a thing yet, as the broker currently does not accept US traders.

IQ Option Trading Platform 4.0 Turbo

IQ Option USA | A worthy replacement
But if you’re an IQ Option USA supporter, don’t despair. We have something you’ll really like. Allow us to present TradeThunder US Broker, a broker more than capable of filling IQ Option’s shoes. Yes, this binary options broker also accepts very low initial deposits from its clients – TradeThunder Minimum Deposit is only $20. Not only that, but its minimum trade requirement is the same as IQ Option’s ($1), so you will be able to invest without any financial difficulties. But there are other interesting features this broker has to offer, such as their innovative trading platform or high bonuses. We don’t have enough time or space to enumerate them all here, so check this broker out for yourself and the fact that IQ Option USA is currently not available will trouble you no more.

IQ Option USA | Conclusion
TradeThunder is certainly an adequate replacement for IQ Option USA, not just because they have the same business model, but also because their service is on an extremely high level, too. Just like IQ Option, TradeThunder has also invested a lot into its platform, and we are sure you will be quite satisfied when you try it out. Many interesting features are available, so if you’re looking for a good, reliable US broker, this is most certainly it. Open an account here, enjoy your trades and you’ll forget all about IQ Option USA.
RISK WARNING: Please note that Binary option trading entails substantial risk of loss, and may not be suitable to everyone. Trading could lead to loss of your investment capital, please ensure you understand the risks involved.